Is it for me?

Is a Performance Team camp right for me?


Our camps cater for all abilities, and can help you whether you’re fully fit or often injured:

If you’re a complete beginner, and want to start off in the best way possible

Or you’re an experienced competitor at age-group or elite level

If you’re perfectly healthy but want to optimise every aspect of your training, movement and wellness

Or you’ve suffered from a long-term injury or health problem that you can’t resolve

Full, detailed sports physician and physiotherapy assessments with up to two hours of physio input daily are complimented by soft tissue therapy and work in the onsite rehab field, gym and hydro pool as determined by your condition. This intensive access to top class clinicians in a bespoke setting is unparalleled in sport. Share in the experience of our clinical teams and Olympic athletes to give you the best chance of resolution.
Our experienced Performance Team staff can identify and remedy injury, lifestyle or nutritional issues which may be holding you back. The +Plan is created for you individually from our detailed assessments to identify medical and physical issues. We develop your recovery strategy to help avoid over-training, establish nutritional balance and lifestyle plans to fuel your recovery. We work with you and your team in a detailed breakdown of your training and racing to identify reasons for under-performance and plan for future success.
Our current Team GB Olympians, alongside support staff who currently work with Team GB Olympians (including medallists), are perfectly placed to share all their knowledge on training techniques, philosophies and strategy. These staff are available all camp for a maximum of 8 participants so you have time and exclusive access to plan your training structure, workouts and sessions as well as psychological preparation for training and racing. By looking in detail at your optimal recovery strategy, prehab and biomechanics you can promote wellness and help to avoid injury – giving you the chance of being the best you can be.
How do you fuel your training and recovery around a busy life? Performance Team offer top clinical nutritional assessment for training and race fuelling strategy with integration of medical findings to personalise your meals and teach you how and what to cook for yourself on your return home.
Success is in planning, preparation and professionalism. Performance Team camps give you medical advice to aid in rest, recovery and illness prevention as well as addressing mechanical and weakness issues to improve your running form. Performance Team coaches teach repeatable performance skills to maximise future chances of success. Nutrition and dietary advice from clinical and culinary experts ensure you have the right fuel. This is the +Plan to staying at the top of your game.
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Q: Do I have to be a certain ‘level’ or ‘ability’ to come on your camps?

A: Absolutely not – we’re here to offer the best possible level of service to anyone who wants it, with the ability to tailor everything perfectly for you, no matter your level of experience or ability. Couch to 5km, getting ready for your first half or full marathon, triathlon or ironman, or looking to hit a target time in any running, duathlon or triathlon events.

Q: There seems to be a medical emphasis with doctors and physios, but I feel fine so what can you do for me?

A: We have a whole team of incredible people who are ready to help you to be as good as you possibly can be. Because our service is completely bespoke, the itinerary of your camp will be dictated entirely by your needs. With access to the world’s best physios and doctors who are specialists in endurance sport, you have the opportunity to be proactive in your approach to your body in the same way as full-time professional athletes. Small changes to your mechanics, strength, recovery and general lifestyle can benefit your performance exponentially (and drastically reduce your risk of future injury).

Q: Will I get one-to-one attention?
A: Yes. There will only ever be a maximum of 8 clients on each camp, meaning you will always get one-to-one time throughout your camp.

Q: How long are Performance Team training camps?

A: Our camps run from Thursday to Tuesday to maximise the impact our staff can make, whilst minimising time away from your busy schedule. (Arrival Thursday, departure Tuesday).

Q: You mention pre-camp screening – what is the time commitment for this?

A: The pre-camp screening is what allows us to tailor the camp so precisely for you, and we aim to make it as straightforward as possible. There will be an initial phone or Skype call with one of our sports doctors, after which a consultation will be arranged for you at one of our UK centres. At this consultation you will meet one-to-one with your doctor, and any tests (for example blood tests) will be carried out. On the same day, at the same location, you will also meet with your physiologist for a one-to-one lab test (a VO2 max treadmill or bike test with lactate profile measurement). The total time commitment on the day should be no more than 3 hours.

Q: What dates are camps running?

A: You can see the available camp dates that are now available for booking here.

Q: Can I find out which Performance Team staff members will be on each camp?

A: Yes, the staff members for each camp can be found by clicking on the “staff on camp” text next to the available camp dates here.

Q: Do you provide flights?

A: No, our travel partners Nirvana Europe ( can arrange them for you, or you are free to arrange them independently. All transfers in France are provided by Performance Team.

Q: Can I bring my bike?

A: Yes, absolutely, you are encouraged to bring your bike – our travel partners Nirvana Europe ( can assist with the logistics.

Q: I have my own coach already, how would that work?

A: We are very aware of the importance of any existing coaching relationships, and seek to augment your existing training by providing invaluable insight from experienced international athletes, rather than trying to undermine your current programme. Our coaches will liaise with your coach(es) under your instruction and make sure all training is fully integrated and that all parties are kept informed.

Q: What would I be doing on a ‘normal’ day on a Performance Team camp?

A: You can see an example day here by clicking on “Example daily timetable”.

Q: Can you help me prepare for a specific race?

A: Definitely. All of our team are experts at preparing you in the best possible way for whatever race you may be targeting. We will provide you with specific tailored advice and guidance to get you to the start line knowing that you are as well prepared as you possibly can be. 

Q: I don’t have a particular race to aim for, is it still worth coming?

A: Absolutely – our camps will help every aspect of your training, and give you confidence that everything you’re doing is perfectly optimised for you. All of the world’s top athletes are proactive in seeking out the best advice – advice which is now available to you.

Q: Can I come if I am completely injured and unable to train?

A: Yes. We are specialists in diagnosing and treating injuries and illness, and often the best way to deal with a longstanding or serious issue is to spend an intensive few days with world class therapists – exactly what we offer.

Q: Why are your camps any different to other training camps?

A: Other training camps focus almost entirely on coaching and training – our camps focus on every single aspect of your performance, with a whole team of experts on hand to give you one-to-one advice and attention. The level of service we provide has previously only been available to athletes on Olympic teams.

Q: Can I book the whole site for a group training camp/ retreat?

A: Yes. Please get in touch with us here and we will be more than happy to discuss various options with you.