Coaching and Physiology

Performance Team coaches will teach you the secrets behind the success of the world’s best athletes, giving you the same level of care and attention to detail as every Olympic athlete.


Our coaching staff at Performance Team are a mixture of current Team GB Olympians and medalists as well as international athletes (runners, cyclists and triathletes). They will be on-site and accessible to you throughout your entire stay. You will be able to train alongside them, as well as be coached by them and ask them any questions about their training, philosophies and mental approach one-to-one.

Your Performance Team coach will work with you and, if applicable, your personal coach to create a tailored plan, sharing all their knowledge and analysing your existing or previous programmes. The coach will work on how to structure your training plan, on getting the best out of your interval workouts and strength sessions and looking at your optimal recovery strategies.

All of our coaches have experienced being at the centre of a multi-disciplinary team, and can help you to manage the input from your physio, doctor and nutritionist. They will work together with the rest of your Performance Team (including personal coaches) to create an individual strength and conditioning plan, aiming to target specific areas of weakness and help to optimise your biomechanics.


Your coach will optimise your individual training plan by working together with our physiologist. You will receive the same cutting-edge sports physiology input as the best in the world, making sure that everything you do produces the best results.

Your physiologist will provide the following:

  • Pre-camp VO2 max test, enabling identification of training zones based on heart rate, pace and lactate levels. This will enable you to train smarter, ensuring you are working at the correct intensity which can translate to any surface or terrain. You will be given a full explanation around this.
  • Daily monitoring during camp to ensure you are recovering sufficiently and are ready for training. You will be taught what to look out for on a daily basis and how to use this information to drive and inform your training.
  • You will receive in training monitoring, so depending on the training you are doing, this may take the form of lactate measurements during the session or live monitoring from a bike, aiming to ensure you are gaining maximum benefit from the session.
  • Post training debrief – based on the information obtained you will be taught what this means and how it should be used.
  • Advice around recovery, hydration (during comp or pre/post), sleep amongst other relevant factors that can influence training and performance.