Our world-class sports physicians have treated many athletes who have performed at the very top of their sport, including Olympic champions.

Initial consultation and screening*

After we take some important information, an initial medical consultation will be arranged for you by phone or Skype at your convenience with one of our sports physicians.

Subsequently a full pre-camp medical screening will be organised to include:

  • detailed medical and injury history
  • physical examination
  • investigations (including blood tests and imaging where necessary)
  • cardiac and lung function screening
  • detailed physiological testing
This screening will allow us to appropriately cater for your needs – for  example, a long-standing injury that has not had any recent x-ray or MRI scan can be better treated by the team if the information is up to date.

On camp medical consultation

When you arrive at the Performance Team camp, you will have a full medical consultation:

  • Approximately 1½ hours
  • Working through the detailed results of your pre-trip screening tests
  • It will pinpoint your individual priorities for your general health, performance health, injury and illness prevention and treatment
  • The physician will work closely with your physio and coach to fully inform treatment and training strategies

*The pre camp screening is a non-refundable part of your deposit. Additional investigations or treatment may arise from the pre camp screening eg. scans. The cost of these will be in addition to the costs of the trip but may be covered through private medical insurance if you have it. Please contact us for estimated costs.