Our world-class nutritionists and doctors will work with our chefs to provide beautiful food bespoke to your performance requirements. The team has worked with many athletes who have performed at the very top of their sport, including Olympic champions.

Example menu

What can be better than a week of a professional chef providing all of your food cooked to your bespoke requirements in the beautiful French countryside?

The world of sports nutrition is a maze of conflicting advice. Our philosophy is to keep it simple, and achievable in the real world.

We will cook for you throughout your stay according to your nutritional needs as well as have sessions in the kitchen where we will teach you how to prepare tasty but quick meals containing the right balance of nutrition you need at every point in your training.

We work closely with the nutritionist and doctor to ensure any deficiencies are supplemented and catered for and that you go home with a plan to take your food to the next level.

We offer a three tier service to our nutritional assessment.

Tier 1 is included as part of the package. This is a 5 day dietary analysis using nutritics software with macronutritent feedback via the nutritionist and Doctor to you and the chef.

There is a written nutrition program with macros, constructed around the training schedule and a follow up skype consultation.

Tier 2 is an additional service and cost and recommended by the Doctor at the pre-trip triage where specific nutritional advice is felt to be required for specific recurrent injury e.g. tendon or bone stress or where dietary input is considered helpful with such issues as amenorrhoea and endocrinology.

Tier 3 is recommended when detailed biochemical assessment of nutritional status is required in relation to your vitamin and mineral profile. This again will be discussed with the Doctor prior to the trip.