Our team of world-class physiotherapists has treated many athletes who have performed at the very top of their sport, including Olympic champions.

Initial consultation and screening

Your pre-trip triage will be followed up by a complete physical screening in France using methods evolved from the first protocol written by the team in 1999 for UK Athletics.

  • detailed injury, niggle and performance history
  • movement, gait and functional analysis
  • tests for your strength, flexibility, control and stability
  • neural dynamics, visceral mobility and breathing function
  • spinal and pelvic function

This will take a couple of hours and will build a complete picture of you and your body.

Combining this with your medical screening allows the team to establish a plan for the treatment of your ongoing issues work on areas that can be improved upon for better performance and injury resilience.

The bespoke treatment plan includes:

  • manual therapy for areas of stiffness and tightness in both spinal, peripheral and visceral structures
  • exercise, drill, conditioning and strength work to improve your movement patterns
  • gym, training field and rehab pool work for your strength, flexibility, control and stability
  • treatment for neural dynamics, visceral mobility and breathing function
  • soft tissue therapy to compliment the treatment and help you recover

A typical day of treatment work involves:

  • up to 2 hours one to one with your physio
  • an hour with the soft tissue therapist
  • work with the physio or coach in the gym, training field and rehab pool as your +Plan dictates

There are a maximum of 8 clients per trip so personalised attention is never an issue.

Each day will vary according to your needs as determined by the medical, physio, conditioning and coaching assessment. Often there will need to be an easier treatment day to allow for recovery and more specific training work.


Treatment sessions vary in their location according to need and your preference. Often they will be beside the track areas to allow continuous assessment of movement as a result of the manual therapy. Some will be in the pool, some in the gym. The weather plays a part of course. We can also use more private areas within your gîte or the gym as required.

However the experience of treatment and training outside in a beautiful environment with likeminded individuals all working towards a common goal is both stimulating and productive.

Treatment facilities
The Hydro Pool

Our pool is perfectly designed for rehabilitation with variable depths from waist deep to over shoulder. Aqua jogging can be easily performed but the best use is for specific physio work using the slopes, steps and water resistance and buoyancy alongside the floats, resistance bands and paddles. All under the direction of your physio.

The Rehab Field

The Rehab Field is unique. It has a 100m flat and 100m sloped grass running surface which is perfectly smooth for all your drills, and technique work. This is situated in the grounds and has been landscaped to our specifications. Not only does it provide the perfect surface onsite it is also a beautiful place to work out with its mature trees and views across crop fields towards the Pyrenees.

Guiding Principles

All the therapists and coaches are on hand throughout the trip. This is not a quick ‘once-over’ and sit by the pool. We apply all of the techniques and skills learned over many years of experience at training camps and the Olympic Games to ensure you get the very best treatment, optimal recovery, injury prevention and guidance to improve your running technique. This means the week is intensive to achieve as much as possible. However we are also sensitive to the body’s need for adaptation and recovery as well as your own preferences. It is a team effort and you are a key part of the Performance Team and the +Plan.

One of the primary objectives for the Performance Team is to have the time to do the best job possible for you. These camps allow this to happen in a way that at home, with busy schedules, it is often not possible.