Project Description

Alison Rose

Alison is an exceptional physiotherapist of 20 years elite sports experience


I specialise in working with sports men and women, and clients with a chronic or complex injury history. With the sporting clients, emphasis is placed on helping to prevent injury and maximise performance. Clients with a chronic or complex injury history, require a similarly thorough, but slightly different approach. They may have chronic musculoskeletal or cranial dysfunction causing pain, and preventing normal activities.

I have completed a wide variety of courses since graduating, and have a varied skill set including biomechanics, assessment of movement patterns and muscle balance testing, breathing, visceral and cranial assessment and treatment. I believe that to enable full recovery, a thorough assessment must be carried out, before reaching a diagnosis and treatment plan, for each person, specific to their needs.

My clinical special interests include assessing movement pattern and biomechanics, osteitis pubis and chronic pelvic dysfunction, complex injuries, visceral work and breathing disorders that affect both sporting performance, and normal life. She also enjoys assessing and improving running technique.

My clients include international athletes in athletics, diving, squash, and triathlon, and in addition I work with a wide variety of sports, including swimming, cycling, football, and rugby. I have also worked closely with groups such as On Camp with Kelly, helping to educate athletes and minimise injuries.

I have worked with UK Athletics as a consultant since 2000, working at the Olympics with athletics in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and now 2016. I have also worked at the World Championships in athletics from 2001 to 2009 and 2015, and the European Championships in athletics in 2002 and 2006. I have also worked at the World and European Cross Country Championships from 2003 to 2012.

I raced for Great Britain at the marathon at the World Student Games in 1993, at the European Championships in 1994, the Marathon World Cup in Athens in 1995 and the World Championships in 1995. I ran my PB of 2.42.42 in Athens, and was coached by Malcolm Brown. My background in athletics to the elite level gives me a great understanding of the treatment and training of athletes.

  • Treating a mix of chronic, complex clients right through to elite athletes allows me to improve and progress my diverse skill set from many courses, and use them to the best of my ability to get the best results for my clients
  • Wide background of treatment skills from cranial, to visceral and musculoskeletal techniques
  • Five time Olympic physiotherapist – Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London and Rio
  • Numerous athletes in numerous sports at various major games
  • BSc (Hons) Physiology 1990, Dundee
  • BSc Physiotherapy 1993, Edinburgh
  • Numerous courses in manual therapy and biomechanics
  • Over twenty years as a physiotherapist
  • Able to treat a wide range of complaints in clients with chronic, complex injuries to the elite athlete
  • Treating multiple gold medallists as well as being an international marathon runner in her own right

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