Price is on application – our service is bespoke to you

On a Performance Team camp, you will receive one-to-one attention throughout your trip, in a manner previously only available to the top Olympic athletes. By bringing our multidisciplinary team together for you in one place, we eliminate the need to repeatedly travel long distances and you gain immediate access to practitioners with long waiting lists.

Your time is precious

On one of our camps, we will provide you with treatment, consultations and sessions that would take you over six months (and three full weeks off work) to access in the UK. That is why our camps run from Thursday to Tuesday, to include a weekend and minimise the time that you are required to take out of your busy schedule.

The service includes:

  • 10 hours one to one physio contact
  • 3 hours personal medical contact including our standard blood and cardiac screening (additional investigations may be required following our initial consultation)
  • 4 hours conditioning work
  • 3 hours of soft tissue therapy
  • 10 hours one to one coaching / elite performance advice
  • 2-4 hours nutrition testing and advice
  • 2 hours of physiology testing and advice
  • Full board personalised meals by our professional chef plus educational cookery sessions
  • Individual bedrooms within shared gite facilities
  • Transfers to and from the airport

Please note that the bespoke nature of the camp means that you may be best served by more or less than these exact hours of each service. This is a guide.

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