Typical camp

Our camps

Achieve in one camp what it would take six months to access in the UK

Maximum of eight clients on each exclusive camp

Runners and triathletes of ALL abilities – from total beginners to experienced age-groupers and elites

One location – a whole team of global experts

Guaranteed one-to-one access throughout the duration of your stay

Level of care, attention and expertise previously only available to Olympic athletes

Camp dates
Time Activity Details
07:00 Breakfast Quinoa and rolled oat porridge with rhubarb, apple, fig and almonds
08:00 Training session Chance to train with your Coach alongside you, for example intervals or monitored threshold run
09:30 Physio treatment One-to-one hands-on treatment with your Physio to identify and target any weaknesses or areas that could improve your movement and performance
11:00 Rest
11:30 Medical consultation One-to-one discussion with your Doctor to provide feedback from pre-camp tests, and give cutting-edge individual advice to help you with both everyday life and your performance aims
12:30 Lunch Sticky rice, lime pickle and smoked spiced lamb
13:30 Coaching & physiology Consultation with your Coach and Physiologist together, to discuss the best ways for you to train, and to show you how to use the latest sport science and technology to monitor yourself
14:30 Soft tissue therapy Sports massage treatment, guided by your Physio and Doctor to help recovery and augment your training
15:30 Rest
16:00 Drills Guided movement drills with your Physio and Coach to improve posture and movement patterns, helping you to learn and retain new skills and warm up effectively
16:30 Easy training / core Easy run with your coach, or guided strength and conditioning work in the gym
17:30 Cooking Cooking lesson with our professional chef to show you how to make incredible food, and how to put your personal nutrition plan into action
19:00 Dinner Fire roasted whole salmon, rock samphire, saffron and fennel aioli, baked sweet potato
20:00 Relax Chance to relax in your gîte, chat to fellow athletes or staff and ask any questions you might have
Call or email us, or fill in the form on our site here. From there, this is how we create your +Plan:


After we take some important information, an initial medical consultation will be arranged for you by phone or Skype at your convenience with one of our sports physicians.

Subsequently a full pre-camp medical screening will be organised to include:

  • detailed medical and injury history
  • physical examination
  • investigations (including blood tests and imaging where necessary*)
  • cardiac and lung function screening
  • detailed physiological testing
This screening will allow us to appropriately cater for your needs – for  example, a long-standing injury that has not had any recent x-ray or MRI scan can be better treated by the team if the information is up to date.


A coaching consultation will also be carried out by phone or Skype to allow our coaches to find out about:

  • your existing level of training
  • your aspirations and goals
  • your current coaching setup (if applicable)
  • Our coaches understand that your relationship with any existing coaches is very important and will liaise with them to integrate training appropriately as required

Similarly, a nutritional assessment will be carried out, to be fed back to the medical staff, and to create your personal meal plan which will be prepared for you on site by our chef.

Travel to France
  • Flights to Biarritz afford the quickest route to Salies de Béarn
  • Flights are to be arranged by you and we can help with some of these details
  • We will meet you at the airport and transfer you and your equipment to Domaine Lavie
  • On arrival you will be met by the team and, as most of the flights arrive in the early evening, there will be a reception meal and a setting out of the plan for the camp
* you will be advised of any additional costs before proceeding
During the first stage of the camp, you will have separate one-to-one consultations with your doctor, physio, coach and physiologist.

Medical consultation
  • Approximately 1½ hours
  • Working through the detailed results of your pre-trip screening tests
  • It will pinpoint your individual priorities for your general health, performance health, injury and illness prevention and treatment
  • The physician will work closely with your physio and coach to fully inform treatment and training strategies
Physio consultation
  • Approximately 2 hours
  • Exhaustive full-body musculoskeletal screening
  • Identifying any weaknesses, imbalances or inefficiencies
  • Taking into account any existing or historical problems
  • Biomechanical analysis and functional movement patterns
Coaching consultation
  • Coaching consultations will be ongoing throughout the week
  • Your coach will be on hand to train with you, answer questions or offer advice throughout your stay
  • Approach to warm up and recovery
  • Psychology of training and competition
Physiology consultation
  • The physiologist will sit down with you and the coach to offer insight into your physiology and the implications it will have for how best to benefit from your training
  • Train at appropriate intensities
  • Make best use of monitoring technologies
You have full use of your gîte with its fully equipped kitchen and living areas including private patios. There are 1, 2 and 3 bedroom gîtes available. Each guest has their own bedroom but in the two and three bedroom gîtes you will be sharing the kitchen and living space. All but two rooms are en-suite.

Gîtes are cleaned daily with an ample supply of fresh linen and towels for both bathroom and pool / training use.

The communal areas around the Farmhouse and the pool / gym are for you to use as you wish. Domaine Lavie is surrounded by 7 acres of parkland for you to relax in between treatment and training sessions.

We have a hydro pool, perfectly designed for rehabilitation with variable depths from waist deep to over shoulder. Aquajogging can be easily performed together with specific physio work using the slopes, steps and water resistance and buoyancy alongside the floats, and resistance bands and paddles.

Our rehab field is unique. It has separate 100m flat and 100m sloped grass running surfaces which are perfectly smooth for all your drills, and technique work. This is situated in the grounds and has been landscaped to our specifications with beautiful views across crop fields towards the Pyrenees.

The gym onsite is designed to enable us to do everything we require for rehabilitation, training and conditioning. It is a beautiful converted stone barn at the heart of the complex. It is not meant to replicate a huge commercial gym but to be perfect for the needs of an elite athlete.

Salies de Béarn is 1 km away and has an historic thermal spa and many cafés and shops within a lovely medieval town.

It is possible to bring a partner to share the bedroom. They can of course fully participate in the Performance Team +Plan or they can simply eat with the group and enjoy a relaxing few days in the French countryside. Alternatively they can take bikes for a spin across Tour rated roads or maybe simply explore the local vineyards. Partners are at an additional cost.

Due to the intensity of the work with the fully participating clients it is not possible for partners to access physio or massage services during the trip.

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