Strength and Conditioning

Strength and power are essential to all athletes. Power is how effectively and efficiently your muscles can apply your strength to the floor, pedal, or water, to propel you forwards. 

This is obviously beneficial for performance, but it is also beneficial for injury prevention. Strength  makes you a more robust athlete and allows you to train consistently, and with fewer issues.

As with all our remote consultations we begin by taking you through a subjective assessment, taking a comprehensive history of the injuries, niggles, aches, and pains as well as discussing any previous strength and conditioning experience.

We will go through your past medical history and past conditions, as well as previous treatment for any given issue, including medications and investigations.

During the remote consultation we will take you through a full, athlete specific screening examining posture, functional movement patterns, muscular strength and endurance, and as flexibility to assess for imbalances, tightness and weakness.

We then build you a tailored three-month strength & conditioning training program, which you and your coach can effectively implement into your training.