Video Gait Analysis

The way you run is due to your body’s strengths, lengths, weaknesses, and control patterns. 

A video analysis is so much more than a shoe shop trainer test. Video gait analysis is a powerful tool when combined with a detailed assessment of the athlete and the history. 

We use video analysis to inform our diagnostic assessment and predict potential issues in performance and injury. 

This allows us to help you develop your most efficient and robust running technique to improve performance and injury risk.

What do we look at?

We analyse the whole body, from head to toe. 

A wobbling, tilted head can be the sign or the cause of issues lower down as far as the foot.

Lack of rib motion can cause recurrent shin or Achilles issues for example.

We use your real-time videos of your  runs and races. We direct you on how to record your own footage to best allow us to assess your problems  and where your potential for improvement in both efficiency and robustness lie.

We ask you to send your video footage prior to our assessment to allow us to assess you before we meet up remotely. We are always happy to see you with your coach or any one else in your team.

We are also able to assess you real-time with the right phone and internet connection. This is an extremely powerful tool in the later stages of the gait re-training to work with you on those bio-mechanical pointers in the field.

As with any assessment it is only as useful as what you then do with the information. Too often we see patients who have had expensive ‘lab based’ videos and a ream of paperwork, CD’s and computer generated stick men. When you ask what improvements they have made as a result they are often unable to say.

By combining video analysis with physiotherapy assessment we are able to provide you with a practical plan of action for real results.