The remote physiotherapy consultation forms the basis of all our services…..

The Zoom consultation will begin with us taking you through a subjective assessment, where we take a comprehensive history of the injury……

  • How and when it happened
  • What does it feel like?
  • What makes it worse / better?
  • Does it change throughout the day?

We will also go through a general medical history and past conditions, as well as previous treatment for the given issue, including any medications or current investigations you are under. We will also discuss previous injuries, niggles, aches, pain and discuss any strengthening/mobility/injury prevention type exercises you may already be undertaking.

This provides us with vital information that will allow us to build a picture of what may be causing the overall injury at hand, but also what areas may be contributing to the problem, and what areas of the body we now want to have a closer, physical look at, including certain movements, tests and self-examinations.

Through the use of your phone, laptop, or tablet we will guide you through a number of simple movements, and special tests to observe movement, strength, weakness, stiffness, and any neural (nerve) involvement, a partner can often help here. We will then take a closer look at the specific area of pain, getting you to feel certain structures to assess for pain or reproduction of your symptoms to help us determine the tissues involved. We will likely also get you or your partner to explore regions far from the point of pain, including the pelvis and lower back, feeling for areas of stiffness or tightness.

Following these assessments we will come to a diagnosis and take you through a plan of action. We will describe to you the issues both locally and globally, not just the specific issues but the reasons behind it.

Often we will use anatomy software to share with you on screen to help your understanding.

We will then step by step take you through a number of self-treatment techniques; using foam rollers, massage balls, and other simple tools around the house to help to massage, mobilise, and stretch out certain areas of the body, and using our extensive catalogue of strengthening, stretching, self-treatment, neural exercises and specific running drills, we will then build you a tailored injury prevention or rehabilitation program.