Running Jo
As a former elite runner and now as a coach I know from experience how frustrating it is to be stuck in a repetitive cycle of injury. I also know from first-hand experience the huge benefits to running and performance from having a physio as part of your team. As a runner I worked with Mark Buckingham for many years. His knowledge and expertise with runners, as well as his treatment and support, has been invaluable. Despite sometimes being unable to visit his clinic due to my location, his approach meant that we worked together very effectively despite limited face to face contact. With his focus as much as on the follow up programme of rehabilitation and preventative work to be done at home, as it was on what went on in the treatment room. Now as a coach, I work closely with both Mark and Matt Bergin and apply much of their expertise, understanding, techniques, and exercises to my coaching too. Working together with a physio doesn’t guarantee always being injury free but it does help you to identify and respond more effectively to any early warning signs before they get more serious and start to interrupt training. More importantly it means we can identify and address any underlying weaknesses and imbalances and create a more robust runner. Working as a team with Mark and Matt means that any rehabilitative exercises and targeted strength and conditioning work becomes an integral part of any runner’s training schedule. This enables me to progressively increase the volume, frequency, intensity and pace of the training and ultimately to improve their performance. I know without Mark’s physio support I would never have achieved what I did. So as a coach I’m delighted to work with Matt and him again. And it’s even better that now via Performance Team all their experience, expertise and elite physio support can be brought to any runners in their own home.
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