Who we work with

At Performance Team we provide you with expert physiotherapy using our unrivalled experience with athletes of all abilities from club athletes to Olympians. 

Our experience of working as part of a high-performance team with British Athletics means we know how important the team approach is to be the best you can.

We also have years of experience of working with club coaches, therapists, and family members to get the best for you as an athlete.

What makes us different?

Our difference is that our focus is on supporting you.

We work with you and your personal team – whoever they may be. Whether it’s with your coach, physio, massage therapist, your partner, friend, or other family members. 

Working together ensures you get the best support you can to be your best.

The use of video technology enables us to link in with multiple team members at the same time. 

We enable you to record consultations and use screenshots to playback for reference, with key points highlighted specifically related to you.

Working with your coach

Sharing your consultation, diagnosis and video analysis with your coach ensures that they get a better understanding of the biomechanical reasons behind your recurrent issues. 

Working together we can then develop a shared training strategy to address issues more effectively.

Having your coach with you in the consultation means you no longer have to remember all the details and they can ask questions just as well as you.

If they cannot be there then you can record the session for them to see later so they get the whole picture.

A truly joined-up approach.

Working with other team members

We welcome the opportunity to work with your Strength and Conditioning/Fitness coach to devise the best programme for you. 

This ensures we can identify the key areas of focus to address your weaknesses and imbalances in a perfect blend of specific Physiotherapy and S&C work. 

We will work with your massage therapist to advise on treatment programmes to support our diagnosis and assessment and address any issues.

We can also conduct the session with your massage therapist as the ‘hands’. This can be really effective by combining the skills and directing the treatment to the specific areas required.

Our experience in working as part of a team ensures you get the most from Performance Team.

Working with partners, friends or family

Our years of experience allow us to teach you how to work with us to assess and diagnose an issue during a physiotherapy consultation.

Our expertise means we can teach your partner, friend, parents, or other family members how to provide effective manual therapy. 

Our library of videos and images allows us to simply show you how to perform any physiotherapy exercise or drill which you keep for reference.

We also often show you how to do it ourselves and you can record both this and video of you doing it with personalised key points.

Daily basic manual therapy and regular support with exercises will significantly improve your progress and long term change more than a weekly physio treatment.